Yolŋu Studies Staff

  • Teaching Staff
    Waymamba Gaykamaŋu

    Waymamba is a senior Gupapuyŋu woman. She undertook her schooling at Miilngimbi and became a teaching assistant at the Milingimbi Bilingual school, working there from 1973 until 1987. In 1994 she became the inaugural lecturer in Yolŋu Languages and Culture at CDU. In 2005 Waymamba and together with colleagues received the Prime Minister's Award for University Teacher aof the Year, and in 2007 she received the Vice-Chancellor's Award for Exceptional Performance in Research. In 2010 she was presented with the National Elder of the Year award by the Indigenous Higher Education Advisory Council. In the recognition of her outstanding contribution to advancement of education, Waymamba was awarded the degree of Doctor of Education Honoris Causa in 2014.   

    Brenda Muthamuluwuy

    Muthamuluwuy is a Birrkili Gupapuyŋu woman. Based in Darwin and looking after the Master of indigenous Knowledges (Mawul Rom) at CDU, she is the main Yolŋu lecturer for the internal Yolŋu Studies students. She teachers CAS110, CAS206, CAS305, CAS501, CAS521 and CAS522.

    Yirriṉiṉba Dhurrkay

    Yinin is a Wangurri woman. Based in Darwin and Galiwin'ku, she works as a professional Indigenous consultant. She represents Raki Mala.  She is currently developing audiovisual resources for Yolŋu Studies.

    Yasunori Hayashi

    Nori is a Djapaŋ man, originally from Japan, who has completed Masters by Research in Yolŋu Knowledge Practice at Charles Darwin University and worked with Yolŋu languages and education in Arnhemland and Darwin since 2004. He is the coordinator of Yolŋu Studies at Charles Darwin University.

    Contact details

    Lecturers and the Unit Coordinator work from locations in Arnhemland. Below are their contact details:

    • Phone  (08) 8946 6278
    • Fax  (08) 8946 6345
    • Email yolngustudies@cdu.edu.au
    • Mail c/- College of Indigenous Futures, Arts and Society, Charles Darwin University Darwin, NT 0909 Australia
  • Yolŋu advisors

    Yolŋu languages and culture are taught at CDU with the guidance, support and approval of a group of advisors. They are:

    • Waymamba in Milingimbi
    • Dju*an*ayŋu at Milingimbi
    • Banyawarra at Ramingining
    • Djirrimbi*pi*wuy at Galiwin'ku
    • Ray*at*ja at Yirrkala

    There are many other Yolŋu who are actively involved in this program, and who work hard to develop the resources we use. Two of our advisers - a Djambarrpuyŋu man from Galiwin'ku and a Warramiri man - have passed away. We would like to acknowledge their support and contribution to this program.

    The Yolŋu advisors guide us on the overall development of the program. Individual Yolŋu still maintain their own individual rights over their stories and pictures. All the stories and pictures here and on the Gupapuyŋu App are used with permission.

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