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The following Yolŋu language resources are available for purchase from the CDU bookshop.
Yolŋu Languages and Culture - Gupapuyŋu Study Pack

Books and App for teaching and testing pronunciation and spelling. Includes grammar and kinship of Yolŋu languages, with a focus on Gupapuyŋu. Includes 500 sound files and 300 stories. This pack is an essential resource for ABY11, CAS110 and CAS501.

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Grammar Lessons in Gupapuyŋu

Originally prepared by Beulah Lowe at Millingimbi, in the 1950s, easy to follow step by step grammar lessons in Gupapuyŋu. This book is an essential text for ABY21, CAS111 and CAS502.

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Gupapuyŋu verbs and other words

By Waymamba Gaykamaŋu and John Greatorex, four forms of verbs, verb particle, 2000 commonly used words, with lists of pronouns, demonstratives, suffixes and English to Gupapuyŋu. This pack is a highly recommended text for ABY11, CAS110 and CAS501.

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Gupapuyŋu Primers

A collection of the 350 stories written for the bilingual literacy program at Miliŋinbi. Illustrations accompany many of the stories. A CD with Waymamba reading each story accompanies the book. This pack is a recommended resource for ABY21, ABY35, CAS111, CAS205, CAS502 and CAS511.

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Gumatj Reference Book & Audio CD

A reference book and audio CD for students interested in learning Gumatj.

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