Yolngu land

Yolŋu Matha App

Yolŋu Matha App https://matha.cdu.edu.au is part of the resource pack developed for teaching Yolŋu languages and culture at Charles Darwin University. You can download the full app from the links further below.

The app has 4 main sections:

Sounds and Spelling
-learn about the sounds of Gupapuyŋu and listen to pronunciation
-learn spelling rules and test your spelling

-explore grammar through words, sentences or grammar categories
-test your grammar

-more than 300 stories written in Gupapuyŋu Dhuwala language with glossary

-Yolŋu kinship system and land
-Interactive Yolŋu kinship chart and definitions

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         Audiovisual Learning of 25 Consonants                Yolŋu Literature with Glossary                                        Yolŋu Kinship

Permission information
This application has been made with the permission, guidance and approval of a group of Yolŋu advisers, educators and elders from the major Yolŋu communities and homelands, including Dr W Gaykamaŋu, a senior Gupapuyŋu woman from Milingimbi, and lecturer in Yolŋu Studies at CDU.
This application is for all people, Yolŋu and Balanda, who are studying the sounds, spelling, grammar, kinship, lexicon, and literature of Yolŋu Languages.