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Yolŋu Keyboard

About the Yolŋu software keyboard

NOTE: The difference between the Yolŋu keyboard and the Yolŋu font:

Using the Yolŋu keyboard allows everyone to see the special Yolŋu characters, even when posting online to the Yolŋu Study Groups or to Livestream. 

The Yolŋu font has less verastility. When used, the special Yolŋu characters can only be seen by others who have previously downloaded the Yolŋu font onto their computer.

If, however, you are unable to successfully install  the Yolŋu keyboard, or are having difficulties with it, then download and install the Yolŋu font instead.

Yolŋu languages are written using special characters Ä ä Ŋ ŋ Ṉ ṉ Ṯ ṯ Ḏ ḏ Ḻ ḻ. The characters are available through the Unicode fonts preinstalled on all modern computers. To make these characters easily accessible for you to type on your computer you need the Yolŋu software keyboard.

The following combination of keystrokes produces these characters.
Yolŋu character Keystroke combination Yolŋu character Keystroke combination
ä ; then a Ä ; then A
; then d ; then D
; then l ; then L
; then n ; then N
ŋ ; then j Ŋ ; then J
; then t ; then T
Downloading and installing the Yolŋu software keyboard

This special keyboard has been developed for working in Yolŋu languages. This software keyboard can be freely downloaded for Windows and Macintosh from the Australian Society for Australian Languages external Here are the download manuals for Windows and Mac.