Fire weather

This video features Dr Dick Williams and was filmed at the Territory Wildlife Park.

Fuel types

Dr Dick Williams talks about some of the different types of fuel found in tropical savannas. The video was filmed on location at the Territory Wildlife Park.

Pandanus blaze

The dead leaves from Pandanus trees can act as a ladder to swiftly draw fire up the trunk to the top of the tree.

Vegetation curing

The change from green, moist vegetation to browner, dry vegetation and what this means in terms of fire is discussed by Dr Dick Williams on location in Darwin.

Rate of spread

Dr Dick Williams explains how the rate of spread of a fire is measured in the field using the Territory Wildlife Park burning experiment.

Ignition Type

The following videos show fires resulting from the two ignition types, line or point ignition.


Back fires in savannas.


Head fires in savannas.

Char and scorch heights

Dr Dick Williams explains how char and scorch height can be determined and how this relates to fire intensity.

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