Fire ignition

What allows ignition to occur?

Natural ignition

What is the distribution of lightning strikes?

Seasonal significance of ignition sources

In which season is each ignition source likely to be most important?

Fire regimes

How do fire regimes vary across regions?

Fire field experiments

How can fire experiments assist researchers?

Humidity & temperature

How does humidity vary diurnally?

Fire weather

How is fire weather measured and how does it relate to fire danger?

When would you burn?

How can fire danger hazard guide managers?

Calculating Fire Danger

Can you work out the fire hazard?

Fire weather in the monsoonal north

How can fire weather affect burning?

Topography & fire behaviour

How does topography influence fire behaviour?

Extreme fire weather conditions

What conditions precipitated some of Australia's most tragic bushfires?

Types of fuel

What types of fuel are there in the tropical savannas?

Pandanus as ladder fuels

How do Pandanus act as ladders?

Identifying fuel types

What type of fuels are most common in different vegetation types?

Fuels & season

How does fuel load vary between the early and late dry season?

Measuring fuel load in the field

What is involved in direct harvesting of fuel?

Vegetation curing

What is vegetation curing?

Fuel curing

How and why measure fuel curing?

NDVI (1)

How does moisture change temporally & spatially?

NDVI (2)

Can NDVI predict fuel curing?

Measuring the rate of spread

What is involved in calculating the rate of spread of a fire?

Ignition type & fire attributes

How does ignition pattern affect fire?

Head and back fires

What are head and back fires?

Char and scorch heights

What can char and scorch heights tell us?

Summarising fire behaviour

How does fire behaviour vary between seasons?

Fire behaviour and fire management

How does fire behaviour affect management?

Head & back fires

When is ignition type important?

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