The following trials are documentations of the many teaching from Country sessions and have been arranged sequntially with the latest at the top. Each link will take you to to a timecoded video and tanscriptions of each trial.

27. September 2009 Dhaŋgal at Birrtjimirri

26. May 2009: Yingiya and Dhunumbu from Gapuwiyak to Darwin

25. May 2009: Gapuwiyak to Darwin satellite connection testing.

24. May 2009: Yiŋiya and family speak with Keith’s class in Santa Clara, California

23. 21st May 2009: Yingiya and John from Badypaday and Mapuru

22. 15th May 2009: Yingiya talks to Keith’s Class in California

21. 6th May 2009: Dhaŋgal talking about country

20. 29th April 2009: Trial with the Carcom mobile Satellite from Mapuru to Darwin

19. 27th April 2009: Trial of Carcom mobile Satellite at Charles Darwin Park

18. 22nd April 2009: Mätjarra teaches from Ramingining

17. 21st April 2009: Gotha shows places around the Gäwa community

16. 15th April 2009: Dhaŋgal teaches to the Yolngu Matha conversation class

15. 14th April 2009: Dhaŋgal teaches the Yolŋu Studies Class from Gove

14. 31st March 2009: Gotha talks about Mangrove Worms

13. 24th March 2009: Dhäŋgal introduces her family from Wallaby Beach (video).

12. 16th March 2009: International Skype conference (audio)

11. 10th March 2009: Dhäŋgal teaches the Yolŋu Studies class from Wallaby Beach. (Screencast)

10. 3rd March 2009: Gotha teaches the Yolŋu Studies Class from Gäwa

9. 3rd March 2009: John, Michael, Dhäŋgal and Trevor, helping Gotha, set up for teaching (video).

8. 2nd March 200: Dhäŋgal practices with her new computer. (Screencast)

7. 18th  Feb 2009: Notes from a trial with Gotha, John and Sylvia

6. Feb 2009: International Skype Conference (MP3 File 50MB)

5. Spreadsheet matrix: various software and their advantages and disadvantages

4. 29 January 2009: Notes on More software trials

3. 26 January 2009: Notes by John; Team Viewer Trial John (CDU) and Gotha (Gäwa) Australia day 2009

2. October 2008: Notes from a trial from Mapuru to Northen NSW October 2008

1. October 2008: Notes from a workshop held in Darwin in October