Yolŋu Studies Videos CAS110


CAS 110 Week 1: Yingiya welcomes students to the Yolŋu
Studies program at Charles Darwin University



CAS 110 Week 2: Rom Wäŋa (the land)



CAS 110 Week 3: Yolngu Studies: Mälk



CAS 110 Week 4: Yolngu Studies: Gurrutu



CAS 110 Week 5: Yolngu Studies: Gunga



CAS 110 Week 6: Yolngu Studies: Raypirri



CAS 110 Week 8: Yolngu Studies: Waŋarr



CAS 110 Week 9: Yolngu Studies: Housing / Shelter



CAS 110 Week 10: Macassan contacts



CAS 110 Week 11: First fear (White man came)




Yiŋiya introduces the Teaching From Country project in Djambarrpuyŋu

Yingiya Guyula: The Big Catch

1. A link to the ABC POOL website where Yingiya has a short film about hunting trevally with spears, playing with computer effects and teaching children about surviving in the bush.