Yolngu Lecturer


Teaching from Country: ICTs for Remote Indigenous Knowledge Authorities as Tertiary Educators In depth, Text and Powerpoint presentation, about the program, from the Seminar by Michael Christie, CDU 25th June 2008



About the Program

The Australian Learning and Teaching Council has provided funding for the development of an ICT-based program in which Yolŋu (northeast Arnhemland Aboriginal) and academic knowledge authorities can come together to develop, foster and engage an emergent remote Indigenous pedagogy: Teaching from Country. This is distance education in reverse: the lecturers are in remote places and the students are (mostly) on campus at Charles Darwin University in Darwin. The project has funding to release Michael Christie from his Charles Darwin University duties for a year, to pay for the involvement of Yolŋu knowledge authorities, for basic hardware, software and connectivity, to support travel for Michael and the international experts, for technical assistance and digital resource development, and for an ‘extended seminar’. The program which started in September 2008, finished formally in late 2009, but continues into 2010.



The People:

Michael Christie
ALTC Senior Fellow Michael Christie

Gothadjaka Dhanggal Meredith Frank Lanybalanyba Maratja Waymamba Wulumdhuna Gapany Garnngulkpuy
Aboriginal knowledge authorities from remote communities who have experience in traditional law, in university work, and in digital technology.

Bowker Dourish Chambaers Jeannie Bell Robynne Quiggan Wendy Brady Yvonne Cadet-James vanweeren Sylvia Kleinart
International and national experts in the use of digital technologies for knowledge work, e-teaching and Indigenous studies.

Greatorex Greatorex Sarah Scott Nori
University teachers and students of Indigenous arts, languages and cultures.