ip meeting

L to R: Robynne, Dhanggal, Miranda, Waŋgurru, Yingiya, Michael, Trevor.
Photo by John




ip tree


Intellectual Property Workshop 18 June 2009

We met in the Indigenous Academic Support Unit, next to the School of Australian Indigenous Knowledge Systems. Miranda came with Yiŋiya and Waŋgurru as a mentoree of the workshop process. Robynne started by introducing herself, and showing us photos of the country of her people, the Wiradjuri people of central New South Wales. She explained that she is based in Sydney. She then started talking about Copyright and Intellectual Property in Australian law, using a powerpoint presentation. She drew a picture of what she called the Intellectual Property Tree on the whiteboard. (Trevor has made another version – see below). We had many questions and examples. At the end of the workshop Yiŋiya and Waŋgurru were interviewed by Trevor about Yolŋu and Australian Intellectual property laws, and later in the afternoon Trevor interviewed Dhäŋgal.


Yiŋiya and Waŋgurru interview

Dhaŋgal interview