Managing your studies

Time management

Time management is an integral part of any major project, including studying for a degree. Therefore, you need to manage your time effectively in order to sustain a balance between study, work and other life commitments.  Planning your time increases your chances of enjoying life as a student and helps to reduce stress about assignment deadlines and exams.

Good time management requires that you take a pro-active approach – know yourself, your goals, strengths and weaknesses – know how you are currently using your time and how you need to reorganise it. Try using the weekly and semester planners provided below and once completed, display them in a prominent place at home where everyone who needs to can see them.

Your time inventory
Complete this inventory to work out where your time goes. Be as honest as possible to find out how many hours per week you have for study.

Plan a weekly timetable
Use this weekly planner to schedule your activities. It will need to be revised at regular intervals to adjust for changes such as different work hours and family commitments. The five or six weeks before and during exams may particularly require adjustment.

Create a semester plan
Use this semester planner to mark in minor and major assignment due dates and/or exams. Refer to your Unit Information guides. Don’t forget about other important commitments. These could be family and work events or even a major sporting or cultural event you are interested in.

Assignment Scheduler
Enter the date your assignment is due to get a plan for the time you have available.

Time Management Calculator
Use this interactive time management tool to see a breakdown of your hours per week available for study and everyday activites.

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Assignment Scheduler
Time Management Calculator