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Introducing Learnline Service Pack 13

Service Pack 13 for Learnline (Blackboard Learn) delivers exciting innovations and improvements to core capabilities, resulting in a product that is more intuitive, engaging, and focused on the student and the educator. Up to 640 schools and over 1,800 individuals – including educators, students, instructional designers, and administrators – contributed to the development of this release.

Discussion Board

In particular, we are encouraged by the re-design of Discussions interface, where you can

  • View all messages in a thread at once
  • Allow students to find posts from the lecturer quickly with conditional highlighting, and
  • When creating a new forum; enable the “post first” option.

Retention Centre

With retention and attrition being of increasing importance the Retention Centre is a brand new feature for educators. The Retention Centre highlights elements and student engagement, providing alerts to potential risk and options for intervention. It comes with some pre-configured rules making it simple to identify at risk students and options to modify rules to suit individual teaching.

That’s not all. Service Pack 13 introduces some new key features;

Blackboard Social

The Global Navigation feature introduced in release SP 10 adds People and Profiles, Spaces and Messages that provide the foundation for Social. This network connects users at Blackboard institutions around the globe and enables them to learn from each other in a more social, informal way – complementing the classroom and online experiences.

xpLor learning object repository - coming soon

This release sees the introduction of xpLor. xpLor is learning object repository (LOR) that is designed to work with multiple Learning Management Systems and is built on open standards. It allows for the creation, discovery and sharing of learning objects which can be used and re-used to support learning whether it be a webpage, file, simulation, video, podcast or an assessment item.  

Assessments and tests

Assessment and tests have also been tweaked with the inclusion of several enhancements including Inline Assignment Grading, Test availability “exceptions”, the Test Access Log and Improved Feedback options.

To find out more about these exciting new developments coming your way see the Service Pack 13 link.

Improving the management and distribution of rich media with ShareStream


In a world of increasing bandwidth it is no surprise that the demand for rich media content has grown.  ShareStream  is a rich media management and delivery platform that allows educational institutions to store, manage, and preserve licenced and institutionally-generated rich media content (video, audio, lectures, podcasts, images, etc.) in a centralised system and deliver that content into the learning management system.

ShareStream will enable faculty, staff and students to upload, compress and transcode video, perform online video editing and clip trimming, tag content with relevant metadata, search and browse media collections in which they are enrolled and deliver content via a video streaming server into Learnline.

We are excited to announce that CDU has commenced the initial establishment of this service in partnership with ITMS and will be commencing a 12-month pilot of ShareStream from November, 2013.

For further information about ShareStream please see the links following.

ShareStream - http://www.sharestream.com/

ShareStream for learning and teaching - http://www.sharestream.com/video-solutions/lms/


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