Academic assignments: Reports


Reports are a means of presenting experimental, investigative or research findings. Writing reports is used by some disciplines as a form of assessment. Report writing is also common in the workplace.

Differences and similarities between essays and reports

Differences between essays and reports
Reports Essays
Presents information (description and explanation) Presents an explicit argument
Makes use of numbered headings, and sub headings Does not require headings
Makes use of dot point presentation as well as short concise paragraphs Written in paragraphs which are linked clearly to each other
Can be scanned quickly for specific information Needs to be read in detail to gain understanding of argument
Uses graphics where possible Usually no use of graphics
May end with recommendations Rarely has recommendations
Research may be primary and secondary Research usually secondary/tertiary sources
Similarities between essays and reports
Written in an academic style
Appropriate referencing in-text and reference list

Learn how to transform a journal reference to an APA 6th referencing style.

Activity 1: APA 6th - from journal to referencing

Activity 2: APA 6th - order of elements

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