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The common unit choices

All students must do CUC107 but you can choose between CUC100 or CUC106 depending on the discipline you are studying in and your learning preference. See the factsheet for a comparison of the units to help you make your choice or read through the unit descriptions below.

  • CUC100
  • CUC106
  • CUC107

Academic Literacies for Exploring Sustainability


Through this unit, students will begin to develop the skills and confidence in thinking critically, researching, reading, writing and presenting ideas in a range of modes. This is achieved through the articulation of an academically credible understanding of a central theme, sustainability, which significantly impacts all our lives in the 21st century. As part of the development of students' academic literacies, students will build on their awareness of the skills and requirements for success at university.

Unit Objectives

On completion of the unit, it is expected that students will have developed the ability to:

  1. Apply skills for learning and communicating at university.
  2. Read, critically analyse, and discuss ideas and issues presented in spoken and written texts across a range of academic genres.
  3. Identify, access and effectively utilise relevant and credible research.
  4. Organise and present convincing written arguments which are well substantiated and take into account a variety of perspectives regarding sustainability.
  5. Present written and verbal assessments according to academic conventions, including; correct structure, academic voice, referencing and a professional layout.
  6. Explore and analyse fundamental concepts and issues relating to sustainability and sustainable development.

Design & Innovation: Communicating technology


This common unit is an alternative academic skills unit to CUC100. It provides students with the opportunity to learn about design innovation, sustainable community development, team work and communication whilst contributing towards real world development projects.

Students work in multidisciplinary teams to design solutions for projects ranging from water supply and quality to sanitation, health and education programs, and other infrastructure developments. Developing creative solutions and building prototypes is a major focus in this unit. The other component, academic literacy and graduate skills, is approached in the context of project management, teamwork, researching, reading and communicating in writing and orally about the design project.

Unit Objectives

Successful completion of this unit should enable students to:

  • Integrate key environmental, technical, economic and cultural considerations in the creation of a sustainable design for resource poor contexts.
  • Utilise creative and innovative problem solving techniques in design
  • Build and evaluate a design prototype in response to a real-world problem
  • Effectively work in a team to organise and complete a design brief and report
  • Present the outcomes of the design project through a professional, written technical report and a formal oral presentation
  • Demonstrate in a written report and oral presentation, effective researching, reading, critical thinking and analysis, and referencing skills.
  • Demonstrate professional IT communication skills
  • Address diversity through the key graduate skills: harmonious leadership, social responsibility, communication, creativity, and flexibility.

Cultural Intelligence and Capability


CUC107 Cultural Intelligence and Capability explores important issues related to living, studying and working as a professional in the diverse social and cultural environments of contemporary society. The unit examines broad interactions between culture, knowledge experience and behaviour and the way in which these interactions and our perceptions of culture shape our interactions at a personal, academic and professional level.

It explores the notion of cultural intelligence and the need for people to be capable of identifying and analysing the complex cultural dynamics of their interpersonal, academic and professional interactions and developing places for people to operate safely and successfully. The study program for this unit provides a structure for students to reflect upon, analyse and articulate how they respond to the complex cultural circumstances into which they are immersed as a student and as a graduate in the future.

Unit Objectives

On the completion of the unit, it is expected that students will have developed the ability to:

  • Use a variety of media to demonstrate their understanding of themselves as multidimensional cultural beings in society;
  • Analyse the interactions between themselves and others in a variety of cultuarl contexts;
  • Analyse and evaluate startegies for creating culturally safe spaces in divers social, academic and professional enironments;
  • Identify, evaluate, organise and communicate information using contemporary technologies.

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