Academic assignments

Introduction to academic assignments

Introduction to academic assignments

At university, you will be asked by your lecturers to complete tasks which demonstrate that you have learned the core material in your discipline. These tasks may include essays, reports and other types of assignments. For example, to demonstrate that you have read and understood a variety of texts, you may be asked to produce an annotated bibliography, to critique a book, a chapter of a book or a journal article. Information on what these tasks involve and how to develop your writing skills is provided.

If you would like further information, please contact staff from the Academic Language and Learning Success Program (ALLSP), who run free workshops for internal and external students.

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In this section you will find information about:


Drafting essays

Learn how to structure your essays properly and to follow the expected structure of written works.

Constructing essays

Learn how to plan, prepare and research for your essays.

Sample essay

Here we demonstrate the analysis of an essay question and taxonomy of an essay structure.

Interactive Sample Essay: introduction, body, conclusion

These activities will help you become familiar with the structure, body and conclusion of a persuasive essay.




Identify the similarities and differences between a report and an essay.

Report formats

Learn how to divide your reports properly.

Reading and writing about data

Learn how to understand the main idea of what the data shows so you can describe it.




Learn how to summarise and evaluate.

Annotated bibliographies

Learn how to write a list of references.

Literature reviews

Learn the steps for writing a literature review.


For further information contact ALLSP on (08) 89467459
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