Note making: Strategies

Organising your notes

You may have explored some note layouts you can use to record, review and annotate what you read and hear as part of your learning, but it is also important to organise and store your notes effectively for easy access.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Use a separate file for each subject area
  • Use file dividers to separate major topics
  • Use a separate page for each minor topic
  • Label files and dividers clearly
  • Number and label pages so you can find and re-file them quickly
  • Keep an updated contents page at the front of each file.

If you are making notes electronically, either by creating documents or audio recordings for example, you also need to manage your digital media.

  • Create a separate digital folder for each subject area
  • Create separate folders within the subject folder for major topics
  • Create separate documents saved in the appropriate folder for each minor topic
  • Name your folders and files meaningfully and logically
  • Include page numbers and document labels in headers and/or footers.

You'll find more information about managing and protecting your work in Managing Your Studies.

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