Introduction to exams

Introduction to exams

This section looks at effective ways of preparing for exams. In preparing for exams, it is very useful for you to understand how you learn best. You will find information on different learning styles and how they impact on your exam preparation on the navigation bar to the right of the screen. You will also need to understand the different types of exams. Understanding your learning style and the different types of exams will determine the revision strategies you use.

Establishing a balance in your life so that you can control unnecessary stress and anxiety is an important part of exam preparation. Please read the tips to find out more on controlling exam anxiety and practising a range of relaxation techniques.

If you would like further information, please contact staff from the Academic Language and Learning Success Program (ALLSP), who run free workshops for internal and external students.

Email: allsp@cdu.edu.au
Phone: 08 8946 7459

In this section you will find information about:

Learning styles

Learn about the three basic categories of learners and find the best memory technique to use.

Different types of exams

Learn about the variety of forms an exam can take.

Plan, revise, sit

Learn how to overcome the worry of exams and maximise your chances of passing.

Controlling stress and anxiety

Learn how to control your levels of stress and anxiety before an exam.


For further information contact ALLSP on (08) 89467459
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