Example: EbscoHost

The Library subscribes to databases provided by several different companies but to help simplify the learning process you are being asked to practice with EbscoHost databases. This company provides the CDU Library with over twenty-four databases. The EbscoHost databases cover a range of subject areas and each database contains hundreds and, sometimes, thousands of journals.

Click on Databases / E for EBSCOHost or click on this link



Points to remember when selecting a database

Some databases are subject specific eg. CINAHL for nursing articles while others are multidisciplinary eg. Academic Search premier.



Becoming familiar with different databases

Connect to the More Information link next to the Academic Search Premier database heading to learn how to use this particular EbscoHost databases in greater depth.


Advanced search screen

If you only want to look at articles that are peer reviewed and that have the full text article attached you can limit the search to these items by ticking the boxes.

search screen


You can also limit the search to a particular journal. This example is limited to the Journalism Studies

search screen


Like Google EBSCOHost provides an advanced search option. By using the advanced search you can limit the search by author, journal and a variety of other methods.

For example you may know a reliable author in your field, for example Dr Peter Singer is an expert in bioethics and you can limit your search to articles by him. It can also be handy if you have a textbook and want to see if the author has updated their research by way of a journal article.

search results

What am I looking at?

Initially it may be a little difficult to interpret the results list. Generally the first title, in this case underlined in blue, is the title of the article the Journal title is the second title.

Article title Should we discuss race and intelligence?

Author Singer, Peter

Journal title Free Inquiry

Publication date Feb/Mar2008

Volume Vol.28

Issue 2



Try the search in Academic Search Premier using the Advanced Search page.


Compare your results with ours


What to do if there's no full text

Many databases provide complete access to journal articles, conference papers etc. You can follow the instructions in the periodical database to open the full text item. generally this will be a PDF link. For example:

search results


The following EbscoHost record does not include a link to the full text.



Alternatively you can check the library catalogue for the journal. Remember the journal title is the second title.Use the Browse Search and select Journal title begins with option from the dropdown list to locate the journal title.

You should get a result something like this:


title search results



Remember to do the search on the title of the journal and not the title or author of the article.

Click on title for a summary of the issues held in the library.