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Supervision agreement

About the supervision agreement

From the beginning it is important that you set clear boundaries for the relationship between you and your supervisor. The University requires that you formalise this relationship by completing a Supervision agreement, to establish on paper exactly who is responsible for what.

A number of resources are available for students to be able to complete this task. Links to these resources are provided below, and you can also find them at the CDU Research Office website.

Supervision Agreement
This sample agreement can be used as a guide or a starting point for the development of your own agreement and will give you an idea of all the areas that should be included in your statement.

Administration requirements

A Supervision Agreement needs to be lodged:

  • Full time candidates - within 4 months of commencement
  • Part time candidates - within 8 months of commencement

Building constructive relationships - tips from advisors

Supervisors and Students
Supervisors Students
How do you negotiate the roles and responsibilities of yourself and your student in the supervisor/student relationship e.g. authorship? What do you think are some of the most important aspects of student supervisor relationships?
What characterises the strengths of the relationship you develop with your students? What are some of the strategies that you think are effective if faced with a conflict in the student supervisor relationship?
What are some of the strategies that you use to deal with a conflict in the student supervisor relationship?

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CDU related links:

CDU Research Office website

Supervision Process
Including forms for:

  • Change of supervisor
  • Associate supervisors
  • External supervisors
  • Professional Doctorate

HDR Student Mentoring Process

Research Proposal, Supervision Agreement and Confirmation of Candidature Process

  • Example of supervision agreement form



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