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Getting published

Why publish?

Apart from the final thesis, you should also consider publishing your work as you go along. There are various reasons for this:

  • publications assist in final preparation of your thesis disseminating your knowledge and experience,
  • it gives you an academic profile and raises the profile of your institution,
  • research publications generate income for the University,
  • publications enhance your CV and may help in gaining employment, and
  • you may even become rich and famous - but don't count on it!

Aspects to consider

Target audience
The first step is to think about your target audience. This could comprise not only those that have a direct interest in your research, such as your supervisor, or funding bodies, but also those that are directly affected by your research.

Modes of dissemination
The next step is to think about ways of disseminating. Possibilities include producing a summary of the findings and creating a press release, presenting your findings to conferences, or publishing your findings in professional and academic journals.

Academic journals
Academic journals will require your paper to be refereed so it will take more time, but will be more authoritative. Each journal has its own submission procedures which are usually published in each issue. Make sure you are aware of the different procedures for the journals in your research area. Learn about journal quality and impact factors.

Research reporting
Each year an audit is made of all student and staff publications at CDU. You should include your publications by following the CDU Guidelines for Research Publication Collection, available onthe Research Office, 'Publications Collection' page.

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Getting published - tips from advisors

Supervisors and Students
Supervisors Students
What advice do you give to students about getting published as they work through their research? What advice do you give to your fellow students about getting published as they work through their research?

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