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Research proposal

Developing a proposal

The first stage of your research project will be to develop a research proposal. The proposal will expand on your initial application and will include an outline of your research topic and a description of any resources and clearances involved.

The CDU process for writing up your proposal includes a general description of the process and a list of factors it will need to address.

See Research Proposal, Supervision Agreement and Confirmation of Candidature Process for more information.

Administrative requirements

The research proposal needs to be submitted:

  • Full time candidates - within 4 months
  • Part time candidates - within 8 months

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Preparing your proposal - tips from advisors

Supervisors and Students
Supervisors Students
What is the most important advice you give students concerning the preparation of the research proposal? Are there any tips that you have for new players regarding the preparation of the research proposal?

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Chapter 3 of Moore, 'Writing the Proposal'

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CDU procedure for writing up your research proposal



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