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Dr Peter Whitehead

Dr Peter Whitehead

Dr. Whitehead has 2 research degrees: a Master of Science (Zoology) from University of Adelaide in 1987 and a PhD in Science from Charles Darwin University in 1998. Both degrees were completed while in full time employment as an external student. His supervisor at Adelaide was Professor Roger Seymour, while at Charles Darwin it was Assoc Prof Keith Christian.

Thesis titles: University of Adelaide: Respiration and energy utilization in the eggs of the Australian Freshwater Crocodile, Crocodylus johnstoni (Krefft 1873), Charles Darwin University: Dynamics of habitat use by the Magpie Goose Anweranas semipalmata: implications for conservation management.

Current position: Principal Research Fellow at Charles Darwin University and Director Key Centre for Tropical Wildlife Management.

Current research interests: Waterfowl ecology, land use and conservation planning, wildlife harvest management, Indigenous resource management practice.

Research supervision experience: 12 students supervised.

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