There are a variety of tools that you may be asked to use in communicating with other students once you are enrolled in units of study within the Learnline environment.

These tools include:


Netiquette (network etiquette or Internet etiquette) covers the dos and don'ts of communicating online, whether in Learnline or on the Internet in general. If you don’t have much experience in communicating on the Internet, it’s important you take the time to learn these protocols which will help you respect other people and avoid causing offence. The following website is an invaluable source of advice and information: The site includes a Netiquette Quiz, which is very informative.

Remember, while you are studying with CDU that it is important to familiarise yourself with relevant policies and procedures that may relate to the do’s and don’ts of communicating and acceptable use of ICT when studying online.

Learnline Social

Learnline Social is a network that connects students and academics at CDU with fellow colleagues at Blackboard institutions from around the globe. The network enables you to learn from each other in a more social, informal way, complementing the classroom and online experience. With the addition of social learning tools, you can discover connect and communicate with a global learning network.

Learnline social can be accessed via the Global Navigation Menu by clicking the arrow next to your name in the top right hand corner of any Learnline page.

Useful Tips

When setting up your profile we suggest that you use your real name, so that way other students can find you more easily. If you create a social space using name the space appropriately and use a name that describes the space to others.

If inappropriate content is added to a profile or a space it can be reported and individual profiles and spaces can be blocked to others until such time that the profile is reviewed and amended.

To find out more about Learnline Social visit My Blackboard and Navigation or go directly to this video on Social Learning Tools for a quick overview.


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